Rebound Faith: CHAYAH!: The Grit to Survive, Revive and Thrive from Devastation and Depression to Deliverance



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Are you struggling to overcome a difficult situation in your life? Do you feel like giving up on your dreams? Rebound Faith: CHAYAH! (Full Volume) is the inspiring story of Nicola McFadden, a woman who refused to let life’s challenges defeat her. Through faith and determination, she turned her life around from devastation and depression to deliverance and success.

In this book, Nicola shares her personal journey of overcoming financial difficulties, troubled relationships, and a situational depression that led to the loss of everything she had worked so hard for. She reveals how trusting in God and rebounding with faith and resilience helped her to regain her confidence, courage, and belief in herself.

Rebound Faith: CHAYAH! (Full Volume) is not just a story of personal triumph; it is also a practical guide to help others navigate their own challenges. Nicola shares tried-and-true tools and tactics that have helped her and her clients survive and thrive through significant setbacks. Whether you are struggling in your personal life, relationships, leadership, career, or business, Nicola’s insights will help you gain inner peace, joy, wisdom, health, wealth, and success.

If you are looking for inspiration, guidance, and hope, Rebound Faith: CHAYAH! (Full Volume) is the book for you! Nicola’s story proves that with faith and determination, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve the impossible. Rebound and ‘really’ live, chayah!