HC4 – Health Care, Cure, Change, Connect

HC4, standing for Health Care, Cure, Change, Connect, is a non-profit organization based in Canada with a focus on holistic health and wellness. The organization, founded by Nick Stanley, operates on a crowdfunding and donation-driven model. They can be found online at HC4.ca.

The organization’s primary objective is promoting whole-person health, engaging in six integrated health interventions. They have strategically focused on addressing the three significant health issues in contemporary society, including health disparities faced by minorities, immigrants, and rural residents, the importance of employee wellness, and the pressing issue of mental health.

HC4 implements an integrated, holistic health intervention strategy to enhance health behavior change. This is based on their eight wellness pillars: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Financial, Social, Occupational, and Environmental wellness, signifying their holistic approach to health care.

The non-profit emphasizes the importance of health promotion, education, communication, equality, patient empowerment, and community engagement. All these factors contribute to their ultimate goal: transforming health from the inside out, as they believe outward health begins internally.

HC4 is active in various areas, including running campaigns, hosting events, providing insights through its portfolio, offering courses, running a shop, and facilitating donations. Their dedication to health and wellness is communicated through their tagline, “Join the HC4 movement – outside health starts inside”.

Their work is supported by crowdfunding, collaborations, and communication within the holistic wellness community. This approach allows them to fund their operations and foster a sense of community among those interested in holistic health and wellness. This promotes whole-person health within minority, immigrant, and rural communities.

The organization is also involved in health equity and equality, emphasizing the importance of fair treatment and access to healthcare services for all, regardless of their socioeconomic or demographic characteristics.

Nick Stanley, the founder of HC4, has been instrumental in the organization’s growth and development. His dedication to health promotion, education, communication, equity, equality, patient empowerment, and community engagement has helped to shape the organization’s holistic approach to health and wellness.

Donations can be made through their website for those interested in supporting the work of HC4. The organization also offers a variety of businesses and projects that individuals can back, further supporting their work in promoting whole-person health and wellness.

Case Study: Nicola McFadden’s Integral Role in Establishing HC4


When Nick Stanley, a passionate advocate for holistic health, conceived the idea of a non-profit organization focused on whole-person health, he knew he needed a professional with extraordinary skill sets to help actualize his vision. That’s where Nicola McFadden came into the picture.

The Idea and Vision

Nicola began the journey by having in-depth discussions with Stanley about his vision for HC4. Her ability to deeply understand, visualize and articulate Stanley’s idea was instrumental in shaping the project’s initial direction. Using her experience in strategic planning, Nicola helped Stanley refine his vision and set realistic, measurable goals for the organization.

Strategy & Implementation

With a clear vision in place, Nicola then moved on to strategy development and implementation. She used her extensive knowledge and experience in organizational development to design a comprehensive strategy that incorporated Stanley’s ideas and leveraged her unique insights.

Nicola’s strategic plan included a timeline for implementation, key performance indicators, and contingency plans to ensure HC4’s success. With this strategic roadmap, Stanley had a clear path forward for his organization.

Brand Identity & Marketing Strategy

Understanding the importance of a powerful brand identity, Nicola worked with Stanley to create a brand that genuinely represented HC4’s mission and values. This brand identity became a beacon for the organization, guiding everything from marketing communications to partnerships.

Nicola then designed an effective marketing strategy that utilized a mix of traditional and digital channels to reach HC4’s target audience. She understood that a non-profit’s success heavily relies on its ability to connect with its audience and employed tactics such as content marketing, email newsletters, and social media campaigns to build this connection.

Website Design & Development

Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence, Nicola oversaw the design and development of the HC4 website. She ensured it was user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and informative, making it an effective tool for communicating HC4’s mission, attracting volunteers and soliciting donations.

Social Media & Content Management

Under Nicola’s guidance, HC4 established a strong social media presence across various platforms. She developed a content strategy that focused on sharing engaging, informative, and inspiring content, which helped build a loyal community around HC4.


Through Nicola’s strategic planning, brand development, and digital marketing expertise, Nick Stanley’s vision of HC4 successfully materialized into a non-profit organization making significant strides in holistic health and wellness. Today, HC4 stands as a testament to Nicola’s expertise and Stanley’s vision, showcasing what can be achieved through the right blend of passion, strategy, and execution.