Case Study: The Alux Rebranding Project – High-End Travel in a Post-Pandemic World


Alux, a long-established travel agency, faced an unprecedented challenge when the global pandemic hit. As international travel came to a standstill, Alux needed to pivot and rebound, re-emphasizing travel as a pursuit of dreams and a symbol of living life to the fullest. Nicola McFadden was brought on board to breathe new life into the Alux brand and reposition it for the post-pandemic world.

The Challenge

Nicola was tasked with redesigning Alux’s brand strategy to cater to the high-end travel market and reflect the new era of travel. The challenge was to portray travel not just as a luxury, but as an essential part of living fully and ticking off items on one’s bucket list.

The Strategy

Nicola began by conducting an in-depth analysis of Alux’s existing brand, the high-end travel market, and consumer behavior in the post-pandemic world. She also engaged with stakeholders, including customers and employees, to gain insights into their perceptions and expectations of Alux.

Using these insights, Nicola developed a new brand strategy that redefined what Alux stood for. She emphasized the importance of travel as an enriching life experience and a fulfillment of dreams, rather than just a luxury. This strategy was encapsulated in Alux’s new brand message: “Travel to Live, Live to Travel.”

The Rebranding

Nicola led the rebranding process, starting with Alux’s visual identity. She introduced a more sophisticated logo and color scheme that reflected the brand’s new positioning in the high-end travel market. She also redesigned the website to create a user-friendly, engaging, visually stunning experience that resonated with the target audience.

Nicola also curated a collection of high-end travel packages that epitomized the brand’s new message. These packages were designed to inspire and fulfill the dreams of Alux’s customers, from exploring the world’s most exclusive destinations to experiencing unique cultural immersion.

The Launch

Nicola oversaw the launch of the new Alux brand, ensuring that it was communicated effectively across all channels. This included a comprehensive public relations campaign, social media promotions, and targeted advertising. Nicola also coordinated with Alux’s internal teams to ensure the new brand message was consistently delivered across all customer touchpoints.


The rebranding was a resounding success. Alux saw a significant increase in customer engagement and bookings in the months following the launch. The new brand message resonated with customers, inspiring them to see travel as essential to their lives.

Nicola’s strategic approach to the rebranding, her understanding of business transformation, marketing strategy, branding, and strategic renewal to influence the high-end travel market, and her ability to capture the essence of the new era of travel helped Alux rebound from the pandemic reclaim its place as a leader in the travel industry. This case study is a testament to the power of effective branding and the potential for businesses to pivot and thrive, even in the face of global challenges.