My Work at UpowerUp

As the CEO, Founder, and Executive Director of U Power Up, a non-profit dedicated to empowering and transforming the lives of Black individuals, I am committed to leading and steering the organization toward our mission. We focus on rallying the Black community around impactful ideas and turning those ideas into reality.

Understanding and honoring the unique experiences, cultures, and collective influence of Black people are at the heart of what we do at U Power Up. We strive to amplify Black voices, creativity, and culture in Canada and globally and are dedicated to fostering lasting change within our communities.

As CEO, I am responsible for developing and executing strategic plans, managing our operations and finances, and leading our team toward achieving our organization’s goals. As the Founder and Executive Director, my duties extend to fostering relationships with our partners, stakeholders, and community members. This is to ensure that our initiatives and programs are truly responsive to the needs of the Black community and that we are making a significant and meaningful impact.

We are actively seeking grants, donations, and crowdfunding support to further our mission. These resources will directly contribute to our transformative programs and initiatives to foster unity, empowerment, and growth within the Black community. Your support can significantly impact our mission and the lives of the individuals we serve. Reach out today to contribute towards this meaningful cause.