My Work at Nikimac

As the CEO and Founder, as well as the Chief Transformation Officer of Nikimac Solutions Inc., I am the driving force behind our mission to empower and enable transformation at all levels – individual, community, team, and organizational. We foster resilience, excellence, and social capital, while guiding our clients through the often complex and uncertain landscape of change. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve transformational breakthroughs and effectiveness in business, leadership, and personal growth.

At the helm of Nikimac, I envision and implement social learning platforms for spiritual empowerment and executive development. I constantly strive to innovate and create strategies that equip individuals to attain their goals and significantly impact their respective industries.

Our methodology focuses on key objectives such as reducing supply chain risk, aligning business and IT strategies, driving business model innovation, dismantling functional silos, enhancing service delivery, and fostering an engaging organizational culture. We aim to optimize customer value while managing risk and resources effectively.

At Nikimac, we embrace the principles of servant leadership, underpinned by love and humility. We are committed to the self-actualization, personal growth, and professional development of our clients. Our approach merges coaching, mentoring, training, empowering, and transformation to propel our clients to reach their full potential in life, career, business, relationships, and leadership.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of partnering with a diverse array of enterprises, including Air Canada, BC Government, Walmart, City of Toronto, The Woodbridge Group, Blackberry, eHealth Ontario, Maple Leaf Foods,  World Vision, Nissan Canada, Caribbean Cement, Goodyear, Empowered Services, Marvin Phillips Creations LLC,  Ignite Nations, Knight, Junor & Samuels, CAC 2000 Limited, Loving Life Coaching & Consultants, HC4, DH Recycle, to name a few.

With an extensive background in empowerment and transformation, I am deeply committed to our clients’ success. I am passionate about unlocking their potential, aligning their professional paths with their personal passions, and enabling them to create a legacy that resonates with their purpose. Through Nikimac, I offer the tools, guidance, and inspiration needed for our clients to navigate change and emerge stronger on the other side confidently.

At Nikimac, I serve dual roles — as the CEO/CIO and VP PMO, driving our mission of transformative growth and as a dedicated Transformation Consultant and Senior Leader to our esteemed clientele. My raison d’être revolves around innovation, strategy, and purpose. A Multi-Certified Practitioner in Lean Six Sigma, PMP, Supply Chain, and ITIL, my expertise offers a wide spectrum of transformative solutions. I interweave community, training, coaching, consulting, and championing transformative change across individual, organizational, business, and leadership domains.

The breadth of my collaborations includes industry stalwarts: Air Canada, BC Government, Woodbridge, Walmart, eHealth Ontario, City of Toronto, & BlackBerry, to name a few. I offer coaching, consulting, and senior leadership to guide transformational change across pivotal programs, products, projects, and processes. Specialize in guiding digital, business, cultural, organizational, and transformative initiatives, enhancing leadership capabilities, and increasing performance, productivity, and profitability.

Signature Initiatives Nikimac:

Your gateway to holistic transformation — spanning Business Strategy, Change Management, and Program and Project Management Office.

UpowerUp: A beacon for Black-centric empowerment.

Mastermind Cafe: Fostering executive growth through Community, Accountability, Fulfillment, and Empowerment.

Chayah Club: Dive into our reservoir of faith-driven resources and services.

My expertise lies in sculpting transformational narratives, whether it’s reshaping business strategies, infusing IT Governance, Change Management, Agile PMO, or Lean Six Sigma to achieve tangible, stellar results. Envision an enterprise where leadership excels, teams are galvanized, and profitability soars. Let’s embark on this transformative journey and craft your unique success narrative.