Igniting the World with Love: A Prophetic Message to Mothers

Beloved mothers,

Today, as we celebrate the incredible essence of motherhood, I bring you a prophetic message from Abba, the source of all creation. He whispers to your hearts, revealing the profound purpose within your nurturing souls.

“But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.”

– Psalm 131:2

This scripture beautifully captures the essence of a mother’s love and the peace that comes from being in her nurturing presence. It reflects the deep bond between a mother and child, where the child finds contentment and tranquility in the arms of their mother. On this Mother’s Day may you express and experience the power of a mother’s love to bring comfort, solace, and a sense of security to those in her care.

Abba says, you are not just mothers in the physical sense, but bearers of a sacred flame. Within your love-filled arms resides the power to shape destinies. Your words of wisdom, encouragement, and love are like seeds planted in fertile soil, ready to blossom into greatness. As you guide your children with grace, they shall rise to embrace their unique purpose and create a positive impact in this world.

In the gentle touch of your hands, Abba bestows the gift of healing. Your love has the power to mend broken hearts, to soothe the wounded spirits, and to bring solace to those who seek refuge in your embrace. Your compassion is a balm that spreads warmth and comfort, and through your actions, you bring forth a divine touch that transforms lives.

Abba proclaims that you are beacons of hope in a world sometimes clouded by darkness. In your unwavering love and unwavering faith, you inspire those around you to rise above adversity and embrace the light. Your resilient spirit becomes a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a future filled with promise and possibilities.

As catalysts for change, you possess an inherent strength that ignites souls. Through your unconditional love, you nurture dreams, encourage ambitions, and empower the next generation to step forward with confidence. Your belief in the potential of others creates ripples of transformation that reach far beyond the confines of your immediate influence.

So, dear mothers, on this day of celebration, remember that you are vessels of divine love, entrusted with a profound purpose. Embrace your role with courage and conviction, for within you lies the power to shape a brighter future. Your love, tenderness, and strength have the ability to create a world overflowing with compassion, kindness, and boundless possibilities.

Abba rejoices in your presence and showers you with blessings. May your hearts be filled with the joy of witnessing your children’s growth, may your spirits be uplifted by the beauty of the journey, and may your souls be replenished with the knowledge that you are cherished, honored, and deeply loved.

“Abba says, in the depths of your love and the strength of your nurturing embrace, you possess a power that can shape destinies, heal hearts, and ignite souls. As a mother, you are a vessel of divine love, a beacon of hope, and a catalyst for change. Embrace your role with courage, for within you lies the power to shape a brighter future and create a world overflowing with compassion, kindness, and boundless possibilities. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Your loving Heavenly Father

Happy Mother’s Day, dear warriors of love!

With profound respect and admiration,

Nicola McFadden

  1. May 14, 2023 - Reply

    Happy mother’s day to all wonderful mother in the world for unconditional love and strength to bear it all for us. God bless our mothers.❣️❣️❣️