From Brokenness to Blessing: A Journey of Faith and Transformation

Eight years ago, I stepped out from the shadows of a five-year situational depression, born from the ashes of my dissolved marriage. Suddenly, I found myself facing a new reality – that of a single mother, an identity as unfamiliar as it was daunting.

The divorce was a tempest that rocked the very bedrock of my existence. It thrust me into a vortex of emotional turmoil, self-doubt, and an engulfing sense of loss. As a single parent, the task of maintaining afloat amidst the sea of uncertainty, while simultaneously nurturing my children, was an overwhelming expedition.

But even in the depths of this darkness, I witnessed an extraordinary metamorphosis. Gradually, I traversed the narrow pathway of acceptance and healing, akin to journeying through the ‘eye of the needle.’ I felt the Lord’s divine guidance smoothing my jagged edges, nurturing my bruised spirit, and equipping me to express wisdom and value, replacing the echoes of despair.

My engulfing shame began to transmute into His glory. Despite my imperfections, I started to grasp the magnitude of God’s love and His awe-inspiring presence. While my circumstances didn’t alter instantly, my outlook did.

The following reflection captures this deep-seated transformation. It was conceived during a period when I was still healing, still regaining my balance as a single mother. My heart was wounded, but within these wounds, I discovered a renewed understanding of my identity, my faith, and my purpose.

June 3, 2015 – Journal Entry
A new identity…..
Going through the eye of the needle… The Lord is smoothing all rough edges…. pruning and preparing me to utter worthy, not worthless, words… turning my shame into His glory … amazingly awesome God!
Signed… broken but blessed!

Nicola McFadden

Signed… I was fractured, yet within these cracks, I unearthed a boundless blessing. This became my new identity… an embodiment of resilience, faith, and divine grace.

A fresh beginning…

Venturing through the untamed wilds of self-realization, guided by His celestial compass. His divine artistry reshapes my fractured form into a vessel of strength and beauty. Embracing a vocabulary of love, hope, and light, I rise above meaningless chatter, becoming an envoy of peace amid a discordant world.

From the furnace of humility…

His magnificent grace rewrites my narrative, converting every tear-stained strand into a radiant testament of His love and mercy. In His infinite vision, my perceived fractures are mended with golden stitches, reflecting His image. A beacon of His glory, I am in constant evolution towards the kingdom of blessings.

Embracing my journey…

Surviving isn’t enough; I am thriving! Shaped by His divine touch, my scars turn into cherished signs of endurance. Standing tall, I embody His redemption, His lasting love. From pieces to wholeness, I am a monument of His power.

Signed… Once bound by shame, now embraced by grace!

Protected within His tender fold, I’ve learned to dance in life’s storms, transforming hardships into blessings. I stand as an embodiment of His strength in my vulnerability, a testament to His boundless mercy, made possible by His profound love.

A testament to His divine transformation…

Signed… Once shattered, I am now a mosaic of His victory. Defined not by my past but by His blessings, I am living proof of His grace. Though scarred, I am healed. In His name, I am reborn!

Signed… Redeemed, Restored, and Rekindled!

Hear this, beloved: Your perceived weakness is the stage for My strength to be perfectly displayed. When life pitches you a challenge that seems insurmountable, don’t shy away. Confront it, armed with the knowledge that I, the Lord, am your champion. Every battle, every problem is a divine opportunity for My light to radiate through you. Stand firm, face forward, and watch as My power unfolds in your life.

says, Abba, Your Heavenly Father

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Through transformation, we are granted the power to catalyze change in others; in our empowerment, we find the strength to uplift those around us.

Nicola McFadden

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