Entrepreneurship Spotlight: Nicola McFadden, Driving Change and Empowering Success in the Business World


Resilience is not just about surviving life’s storms, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Embrace each challenge as a stepping stone towards greater strength and success.

In our Entrepreneurship Spotlight this week, we are excited to illuminate a transformative figure who has left an indelible mark in the business world. We are talking about Nicola McFadden, the dynamic force behind Nikimac Solutions Inc., a global leader in business and IT strategy solutions.

As the CEO and founder of Nikimac Solutions Inc., Nicola McFadden has garnered respect for her unique and practical approach to strategic leadership, change management, and IT integration. A transformation consultant, IT-business strategist, and change leader, Nicola has built a firm that aids organizations to realize their full potential through efficient technological integration, change management, and strategic business guidance.

Nicola’s approach to entrepreneurship is founded on the principle of integration. She sees technology as an enabler of business, rather than a separate entity. She has thus spent her career bridging the gap between IT and business, ensuring that companies leverage technology to achieve their objectives and improve their operations.

Beyond her role at Nikimac, Nicola is also a well-respected executive coach, helping business leaders unlock their potential and leading their organizations towards success. She employs a solution-oriented approach, empowering her clients to focus on strategies that foster growth, adaptability, and sustainability.

Nicola McFadden’s accomplishments aren’t confined to the realm of business and leadership. She is also a successful author, with several impactful publications under her belt, and she continues to inspire others with her insightful written works. Her unique blend of spirituality, self-empowerment, and practical life strategies has set her apart in the literary world, garnering a large and dedicated readership.

Rebound Faith: Chayah!

“Rebound Faith: Chayah” is a testament to Nicola McFadden’s resilience and tenacity. It is a powerful narrative that intertwines her journey with faith, resilience, and empowerment lessons. The book chronicles her experiences through a painful divorce, situational depression, losing her home and corporate executive job, her father’s death, her mother’s chronic illness, and distressing betrayal and neglect by friends and family. She also addresses the financial burden of paying spousal support without receiving child support.

Despite these adversities, Nicola never let her spirit be dampened. Instead, she found ways to bounce back, or ‘rebound,’ from these life-altering circumstances, embracing the Hebrew concept of ‘Chayah’ – which translates to ‘live’ or ‘to be alive.’

Throughout “REbound Faith: Chayah,” Nicola shares the tools and strategies she employed to regain her footing and live fearlessly amidst the chaos. She harnesses her faith and personal fortitude, turning adversity into a catalyst for transformation and growth.

Nicola’s personal narrative serves as the backbone of the book, making it more than just a rehash of her struggles but a solution and strategy for her readers. It is a testament to human resilience and the power of faith in navigating life’s tumultuous waters. She imbues each page with a sense of optimism and determination, painting a vivid picture of her journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Her story of rebounding from personal hardships continues to inspire countless individuals dealing with similar circumstances. It encourages them to harness their faith, embrace resilience, and cultivate a fearless approach to life.

As she candidly shares her experiences and lessons, Nicola instills in her readers the belief that it is possible to overcome trials and tribulations, irrespective of their magnitude. “Rebound Faith: Chayah” acts as a beacon of hope, inspiring readers to rise from their own struggles to ‘Chayah,’ and to live victoriously, prosperously, righteously, zealously, and fearlessly.

365 Live Fearlessly!

The “365 Live Fearlessly” book series, with daily devotions, affirmations, declarations, journals, life coaching tools, and prophetic prayer podcasts, is perhaps one of her most renowned works. The devotional and journal workbook series is a daily guide designed to inspire readers to confront their fears, embrace change, and live courageously. Through her writing, Nicola empowers readers with practical tools and strategies grounded in faith and spiritual growth. The book serves as a roadmap, encouraging people to bounce back from setbacks and adversity stronger and wiser.

The Daniel Fast: Closing the GAP!

“The Daniel Fast: Closing the GAP” series is another impressive literary contribution from Nicola. These books delve into the realm of spiritual fasting and its transformative power, demonstrating Nicola’s knack for drawing deep connections between spiritual practice and everyday life. The series emphasizes on the power of faith, resilience, and spiritual strength in overcoming life’s hurdles, essentially bridging the gap between physical health, spiritual growth, and life success.

Resilient Leadership

Nicola’s upcoming project, the “Resilient Leadership” series, further showcases her deep understanding of leadership dynamics and personal growth. While the series is still in progress, given Nicola’s track record, it’s expected to provide valuable insights into leadership resilience in the face of challenges. It will likely explore strategies for nurturing mental strength, flexibility, and resilience, underscoring the essentiality of these qualities in successful, enduring leadership.

Nicola’s writing embodies her distinctive combination of spiritual faith, business acumen, and resilient leadership. She doesn’t just write about these topics; she lives them, making her books an authentic reflection of her life’s work. As a bestselling author, she continues to enrich the lives of her readers, giving them the tools to lead, inspire, and thrive, in business, leadership, and in life.

Nicola – Business Acumen and Strategic Thinker

Nicola McFadden has a knack for making complex concepts easy to understand. Her works often delve into the world of strategic management and personal branding, demonstrating her keen understanding of the business landscape and her ability to communicate effectively. Her books offer invaluable insights into the dynamics of running successful enterprises and personal growth, and they have become must-reads for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike.

Nicola’s diverse portfolio extends to her role as a branding expert. She understands that a compelling brand narrative is integral to business success in today’s competitive landscape. She guides companies in carving out a distinctive identity that resonates with their target audience, ensuring their message cuts through the noise of the marketplace.

Nicola and Black Excellence at UPowerUp Canada Corporation

However, what sets Nicola apart is her tireless advocacy for black empowerment. As a champion for racial diversity and inclusivity in the business world, she has utilized her platform to address the systemic barriers that black entrepreneurs face. Her work in this area has been instrumental in challenging biases, promoting representation, and advocating for economic opportunities for the black community.

In conclusion, Nicola McFadden represents the modern, versatile entrepreneur. Her remarkable journey from being an IT-business strategist to a transformation consultant, author, executive coach, and branding expert, alongside her commitment to social justice, is truly inspiring. She personifies the grit, resilience, and innovation that characterize great entrepreneurs.

Nicola’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to one’s values. Her exceptional contributions to business and societal change are a beacon for future entrepreneurs and an inspiration for those who aim to make a positive impact in their industries. Nicola McFadden continues to rewrite the rules of the game, paving the way for a more inclusive, empowered, and prosperous future.

How can you embody the principles of resilience and fearless living that Nicola McFadden champions in your own journey toward professional and personal success?

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