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Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin
Catalyst for Business, Leadership & Life Transformation. 

Introducing Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin, your ticket to transformation in business, leadership, and personal growth. As a highly sought-after transformation consultant, Nicola brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, purpose, and innovative thinking that sets her apart in an increasingly competitive market.

Nicola’s prowess is built on a solid foundation of diverse certifications and a rich tapestry of experiences. She is well-versed in cutting-edge methodologies and powerful tools that catalyze change – from spiritual empowerment, positive psychology, to organizational change management and business transformation. Her acumen in leadership development, coaching, mentorship, corporate training, and PMP, COBIT, Lean Six Sigma and business consulting are just a few of the many reasons why she is the go-to expert for individuals and organizations seeking meaningful change.

But Nicola doesn’t stop there. She is also a brand strategist, excelling in IT-business alignment, implementation of best practices, and spearheading digital transformation and DEI initiatives. Her holistic approach ensures every aspect of your business is primed for success.

With Nicola, transformation is not just a buzzword; it’s a reality. Her solutions drive tangible results, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and growth. Nicola’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer value guarantees a transformative experience unlike any other.

Ready to turn the page and write your success story? Let Dr. Nicola McFadden-Marvin  guide you. With her by your side, you’re not just embracing change; you’re driving it.

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  • Business Transformation 
  • Organizational Culture Change 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Agile & Lean Six Sigma 
  • Operational Excellence
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Personal Development 
  • Professional Development
  • Team Relationship Building
  • IT Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Productivity Improvement 
  • Portfolio Management
  • Innovation & AI 
  • Brand Identity Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Content Management
  • Book Publishing


Chef Frank's Homestyle

Chef Frank, a renowned culinary expert, aspired to transition from an employee to an entrepreneur by launching his own restaurant. To realize this ambition, he engaged Nicola McFadden and her creative team. Nicola began by understanding Chef Frank's vision, then crafted a comprehensive business strategy, developed a unique brand identity, and designed a robust marketing strategy for the restaurant. She also collaborated on the interior design and menu development, ensuring they resonated with the brand's identity. The result was a successful restaurant launch, smoothly transitioning Chef Frank from employee to entrepreneur, and his restaurant quickly garnered popularity and rave reviews.

Alux Travel

In the face of global travel disruption due to the pandemic, Alux, a renowned travel agency, enlisted the expertise of Nicola McFadden to spearhead a strategic rebranding initiative. Nicola repositioned Alux in the high-end travel market, emphasizing travel as a fulfillment of dreams and an essential part of living fully. She revamped Alux's visual identity, redefined their brand message to "Travel to Live, Live to Travel," and curated high-end travel packages to reflect this new ethos. The successful rebrand led to increased customer engagement and bookings, demonstrating the potential for businesses to pivot and flourish amidst global challenges.

HC4 – Health Care, Cure, Change, Connect

HC4, founded by Nick Stanley, is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to holistic health and wellness, focusing on whole-person health. Using a crowdfunding and donation-driven model, HC4 addresses significant health issues like disparities faced by minorities, immigrants, rural residents, employee wellness, and mental health. Their approach is based on eight wellness pillars: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Financial, Social, Occupational, and Environmental. The organization provides health promotion, education, communication, and community engagement services, emphasizing health equity and patient empowerment. Visit their website at to join the movement and support their mission.


Unlock Your Organization’s Potential: Let Us Guide You to Success!

With over 25 years of experience in the realm of transformation consulting, Nicola McFadden is an industry titan. Her expertise spans a myriad of disciplines, making her a sought-after partner in navigating organizational, leadership, and personal growth challenges.

Nicola is an accomplished strategist, helping organizations align their business and IT objectives to drive growth and gain a competitive edge. As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, she masterfully identifies inefficiencies and implements effective solutions to bolster productivity and financial health. Her proficiency in COBIT, ITIL, and PMP further enriches her approach, ensuring an inclusive and robust strategic plan.

Beyond her strategic acumen, Nicola is a gifted coach. Her personalized, results-driven approach empowers leaders to tap into their potential, navigate transitions confidently, and lead their teams toward success. As a certified Supply Chain Management Professional, she offers unique insights into optimizing operations and supply chains.

Nicola is also an international bestselling author, a testament to her exceptional branding and storytelling skills. She can help you craft a compelling narrative for your personal brand or business, establishing a strong presence in your industry. Her experience in web design further enhances her ability to create a cohesive and engaging brand image across various platforms.

But what truly sets Nicola apart is her dedication to leading change. She excels at fostering a culture of collaboration and growth within organizations. With her guidance, businesses can renew their strategic focus, revamp their culture, and unleash their full potential.

Partner with Nicola McFadden today, and embark on a transformative journey towards success. With Nicola, you’re not just navigating change but mastering it. Contact Nicola today to transform your story into a legacy.

Leading Change
Lean Six Sigma
Supply Chain
Web Design


Nikimac Solutions Inc.:  November 2011 – Present

CEO/Founder | Chief Transformation Consultant & Executive Coach

As the CEO and Founder, as well as the Chief Transformation Officer of Nikimac Solutions Inc., I am the driving force behind our mission to empower and enable transformation at all levels – individual, community, team, and organizational. We foster resilience, excellence, and social capital, while guiding our clients through the often complex and uncertain landscape of change. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve transformational breakthroughs and effectiveness in business, leadership, and personal growth.

At the helm of Nikimac, I envision and implement social learning platforms for spiritual empowerment and executive development. I constantly strive to innovate and create strategies that equip individuals to attain their goals and significantly impact their respective industries.

Our methodology focuses on key objectives such as reducing supply chain risk, aligning business and IT strategies, driving business model innovation, dismantling functional silos, enhancing service delivery, and fostering an engaging organizational culture. We aim to optimize customer value while managing risk and resources effectively.

At Nikimac, we embrace the principles of servant leadership, underpinned by love and humility. We are committed to the self-actualization, personal growth, and professional development of our clients. Our approach merges coaching, mentoring, training, empowering, and transformation to propel our clients to reach their full potential in life, career, business, relationships, and leadership.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of partnering with a diverse array of enterprises, including Air Canada, BC Government, Walmart, City of Toronto, The Woodbridge Group, Blackberry, eHealth Ontario, Maple Leaf Foods,  World Vision, Nissan Canada, Caribbean Cement, Goodyear, Empowered Services, Marvin Phillips Creations LLC,  Ignite Nations, Knight, Junor & Samuels, CAC 2000 Limited, Loving Life Coaching & Consultants, HC4, DH Recycle, to name a few.

With an extensive background in empowerment and transformation, I am deeply committed to our clients’ success. I am passionate about unlocking their potential, aligning their professional paths with their personal passions, and enabling them to create a legacy that resonates with their purpose. Through Nikimac, I offer the tools, guidance, and inspiration needed for our clients to navigate change and emerge stronger on the other side confidently.

Toronto, Canada

UpowerUp Canada Inc.:  Jul 2020 – Present

CEO/Founder & Executive Director

As the CEO, Founder, and Executive Director of U Power Up, a non-profit dedicated to empowering and transforming the lives of Black individuals, I am committed to leading and steering the organization toward our mission. We focus on rallying the Black community around impactful ideas and turning those ideas into reality.

Understanding and honoring the unique experiences, cultures, and collective influence of Black people are at the heart of what we do at U Power Up. We strive to amplify Black voices, creativity, and culture in Canada and globally and are dedicated to fostering lasting change within our communities.

As CEO, I am responsible for developing and executing strategic plans, managing our operations and finances, and leading our team toward achieving our organization’s goals. As the Founder and Executive Director, my duties extend to fostering relationships with our partners, stakeholders, and community members. This is to ensure that our initiatives and programs are truly responsive to the needs of the Black community and that we are making a significant and meaningful impact.

We are actively seeking grants, donations, and crowdfunding support to further our mission. These resources will directly contribute to our transformative programs and initiatives to foster unity, empowerment, and growth within the Black community. Your support can significantly impact our mission and the lives of the individuals we serve. Reach out today to contribute towards this meaningful cause.

Toronto, Canada

eHealth Ontario    April 2012 – Oct 2015

Snr. Manager, Program Office (Enterprise Risk Management & Digital Health Transformation)

Snr Manager, Interoperability Conformance Environments Program and Testing Support Services.

Toronto, Canada

BlackBerry   2007-2012

Director, PMO (MFG IT, Supply Chain Transformation and Portfolio Management)

Senior Manager, Supply Chain Systems.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt / BlackBerry Process Manager

Waterloo, Canada



  • Hi Nicola. I wanted to tell you I am really happy with the approach and the progress on IT Governance initiative. You are amazing!


    Anthony Delle Donne
    Strategy and IT Governance, Air Canada 

  • Nicola is an extremely diverse talent, with an in-depth knowledge of leadership, transformation and change management. Her ability to foresee all issues and opportunities to help her customers reach creative solutions is unparalleled. Along with her LEAN and Six Sigma Black Belt expertise, Nicola is also exceptionally well versed in Supply Chain, Project Management, Executive Coaching and Strategic Transformation and was an incredibly effective addition to our recent transformation journey.


    Meghan McNamara
    Strategic Sourcing Manager

  • I had the pleasure to work with Nicola on an IT Service Management  Framework and a Service Desk Implementation project. She is a very detailed, organized and committed person, who has passion for her job. Nicola is the most skilled and knowledgeable program manager I have ever worked with. I can recommend her for any management position, where you need the job to get done.


    Anna-maria Gilicze
    IT Service Management

  • Nicola is a knowledgeable, results driven leader who delivers value to an organization. She is effective at sharing a vision that influences the people around her to do great things. I had the pleasure of having Nicola as a manager. She allowed her staff to own and lead the team while being available to provide support and mentoring. Nicola sincerely cared about the success and well being of people. She encouraged you to develop personally and professionally and led by example.


    Jacquie Forbes
    Strategic Procurement

  • As my initial manager at Blackberry, Nicola provided full support and direction while I tackled my initiatives, working with me to ensure we achieved the best possible results. She was integral to breaking down obstacles and encouraging growth in a competitive fast paced environment.


    Michelle Teopiz
    Quality  Management 

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    Empowering people; transforming business, leaders, and life. 

    Are you ready to take your personal or professional life to the next level? Whether you’re an individual looking to accelerate your goals or a business seeking breakthrough outcomes, I can help you realize your vision and achieve success.

    Regardless of where you are on the journey, my innovative programs and services are tailored to meet your unique needs. With my expertise in faith, positive psychology, leadership development, coaching, mentorship, social learning, corporate training, and digital technology, I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and deliver transformational results.

    If you’re ready to unlock your full potential and achieve your personal or professional goals, contact me today. Let’s work together to develop a customized plan that empowers you to realize your vision, address challenges, and capitalize on opportunities.

    With my revolutionary programs and integrated approach, you can expect breakthrough outcomes that deliver real results. Don’t wait any longer to take the first step towards transformation. Contact me today and let’s start the journey towards a more fulfilling life and successful career.